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About envy: Using mentor texts

We guide students to use “mentor texts” in their development as writers. Ralph Fletcher explains that mentor texts are, “…any texts that you can learn from, and every writer, no matter how skilled you are or how beginning you are, encounters and reads something that can lift and inform and infuse their own writing. I’d say anything that you can learn from – not by talking about but just looking at the actual writing itself, being used in really skillful, powerful way.” Continue reading

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About Reading: Don’t take it for granted!

I have been following with great interest a recent series of blog posts by Grant Wiggins about the nature of reading.    Wiggins explores the essential question:  What exactly is going on in our minds when we read?  It’s mysterious really, … Continue reading

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I Dont Like Food

I have a two-year-old at home. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her eat… At least when I’m home for dinner. She’s very picky. But my in-laws tell me that she eats all day, like a blue whale, she goes … Continue reading

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