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About June: The madness!

The month of June is a fraught time for a school leader.  There are countless tasks to be completed and deadlines to be met before the end of the school year which is fast approaching.  More than once, in the midst of … Continue reading

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About Reading: Don’t take it for granted!

I have been following with great interest a recent series of blog posts by Grant Wiggins about the nature of reading.    Wiggins explores the essential question:  What exactly is going on in our minds when we read?  It’s mysterious really, … Continue reading

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About Courage: Why don’t we sing anymore?

Why don’t middle school kids dance more? Some do…  but at a middle school dance,  many students can be found sitting against the wall. Why don’t more adults sing, draw, paint and do art?  Why do adults stop playing sports … Continue reading

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Reflections on EdCamp Long Island

Two weeks ago was our inaugural EdCamp Long Island… I’ve been enjoying the twitter feed of messages about the day and speaking to people who attended.  I cannot possibly express the enormity of awesomeness that was represented by working with … Continue reading

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About failure

Sometimes publishing a blog is like interviewing for a job, you always put your best self out there. Think about when you’re asked on a job interview to discuss a personal shortcoming. Admit it, we all say, “I work too … Continue reading

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