Book Fair

This week we had our annual book fair in the library.  Our sincere thanks to all the parents who helped at the fair.  As far as academic development goes, there are few things children can do that will contribute more to their success than to read.  Nevertheless encouraging middle-level students to read can be a significant challenge.  I remember my own middle school experience.  I found it very difficult to find books that I wanted to read.  I just didn’t know how to do it.   When I was assigned to do a book report,  I recall wandering in the library shelves aimlessly, considering titles and book covers that seemed appealing.  It was difficult to find something I liked.

Our librarians can help with this.  Mrs. Minikel and Mrs. Kearon have tremendous experience helping students pick out books that they will be interested in and will ignite their love for reading.  You can visit the middle school library website to see a list of books that are categorized by interest and subject.  I know they would be eager to help you if you call them on the phone or e-mail them for help in locating appropriate books for your child.

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