Mix It Up week

Mix-It-Up Lunch Day is held annually in schools throughout the country. The purpose of the day is to have students step out of their comfort zone and sit with different people from various social groups. You can read about the program at: http://www.tolerance.org/blog/how-do-you-mix-it-let-s-count-ways

We have expanded this program in Jericho to include a full week of activities, accentuating the need to treat others with kindness and stand up to bullying.

The week began with a Mix-it-Up Week trailer that highlighted the anticipation of the week. This was expertly crafted by one of our very own 8th Grade BRAVE Ambassadors, Sam Newman. Next, the middle school students participated in an activity called, “Breaking down the Wall of Intolerance.” Each team discussed various ways we build walls that separate us from others. Each student created a brick that depicted different forms of bullying. The art department, along with the help of the art club, created a wall.  The BRAVE Ambassadors and the BRAVE Club members hung up all the bricks surrounding the wall. 

Throughout the week students and staff listened to Mix-it-Up music and participated in a Mix-it-Up Scavenger Hunt and Mix-it-Up Dress Day. On Tuesday, students were randomly grouped in different cafeteria tables. The BRAVE Ambassadors facilitated a People Hunt activity, which culminated with each person finding one thing he or she has in common with another student. On Thursday, our final day, we broke down the Wall of Intolerance and the bricks were distributed to the classes. Each class then participated in a quality circle focusing on the power of words and ways we could stop hurting one another and celebrate our differences. 

The BRAVE department is proud of the effort and dedication demonstrated by our students and staff in collaborating on this very important week. As Mohammed Gandhi stated,

“We must be the change we want to see in the world.”

The BRAVE Team:

Mr. Pagliari and Ms. Kamvakis:  Grade 6;Mrs. Brill and Ms. Vevante:  Grade 7; Mrs. Snyder and Mrs. Garfinkel:   Grade 8;  rs. Verdino:  School Social Worker

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