About capacity building: A presentation to the Long Island LGBT Forum

dc picI presented at the Long Island LGBT Forum at SUNY Old Westbury today.

Here are the Slides .

Takeaways from the discussion:

  • Middle School’s are still difficult places to implement GSA clubs.
  • Potential club name: Gay Lesbian or Whatever… love this!
  • Some fledgling clubs on Long Island will collaborate with more experienced clubs.
  • New clubs/ students at middle level feel overwhelmed… collaboration will help.

Once again, the connected education conversation emerged! There are ENORMOUS opportunities for pro-LGBT educators to connect with other like-minded educators on Twitter, Voxer, EdCamps… Isolation is a choice.  For me this was an epiphany!  There is SO much isolation and secrecy associated with LGBT issues… use connecetedness to find support, get ideas and tell your story!!


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