About EdCamp: You should definitely go!

I visited a good friend of mine in Boston one weekend when I was in college. His family was so interesting and quirky. At one point on Saturday afternoon some nice folks came to his door and wanted to talk about religion and give them some pamphlets. His grandmother who lived with him answered the door and when she saw who was there said, “Oh, thank you very much sweetie, but I’m very happy with my own God. I’ll take one if your pamphlets and call you if I’m thinking about switching.”
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I am truly passionate about EdCamp! “Born-again” even… but fanaticism scares us. Or at the very least, put us off. I’m so excited about EdCamp that I’m afraid my passion will turn people off to it. So I’m officially just going to calm the heck down… OK… I promise!

But let me tell you why you should think about going to an EdCamp. You should go to an EdCamp if you like to learn on your own terms; if you like to choose topics that are relevant to your work; if you like to come and go as you please; if you love to talk with other people who are as passionate about learning as you are; if you like things that are free; if you like to facilitate discussions about things you are excited about or things you are trying; if you like to network with other teachers; if you like free bagels; if you enjoy learning how things are done in other schools.

Some members of the EdCampLI Planning Committee

Some members of the EdCampLI Planning Committee

Most of all, you should attend an EdCamp if you love to LEARN. Because that is what EdCamps are all about!

EdCamp Long Island is this Saturday, September 13. You can register here: http://bit.ly/1k82WW3.

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