Reflections on EdCamp Long Island

Two weeks ago was our inaugural EdCamp Long Island… I’ve been enjoying the twitter feed of messages about the day and speaking to people who attended.  alejandrodocsheilahfriend edcampfriendsI cannot possibly express the enormity of awesomeness that was represented by working with the team of people who pulled off this historic event!  (I’m an English teacher and that sentence made no sense — but I do not care! I am still enjoying the high of a terrific day of learning and networking.)

edcampli logo

Some reflections and advice for EdCamp Planners:

Make EdCamp Planning fun!  We had a series of meetings leading up to the event. We met at fun places and kept it very light (did somebody say BarCamp?).  Over a short period of time, our planning team developed into a special Professional Learning Network.  Going forward, we will have a series of planning meetings to which, in the spirit of EdCamp, everyone is invited to attend. We can keep the face-to-face learning going at these events throughout the year as we prepare for our big day in 2015!

Luci Kemnitzer is a sidewalk chalk genius! welcomeGotta admit, we saw the chalk logo at EdCamp Philly and I REALLY wanted us to do that. Made my day! And there is no job too big or too small for Ed Kemnitzer @kemnitzer3! Ed thinks big and works big.

Teachers HATE tuna wraps.


Lunch… see any Tuna Wraps?

Dennis Schug (@DJrSchug) is some kinda East-end Lobsterman, we got to the school at sunrise and he was in the parking lot on his third cup of coffee. And he didn’t even look drowsy during his incredible session with Gwen Pescatore (@gpescatore25) on Parent Engagement.schugowen

Audra Beberman (@AudraB_EdTech) is the Homecoming Queen of EdcampLI… I don’t know how other EdCamps pull it off without Audra.   Audra is Madonna!

LaquitaandfriendsLaQuita Outlaw (@DrLOutlaw) is triplets, every time I turned around, every session I visited, she was there! I think LaQuita made the wraps and the coffee (not the tuna ones though).gwenjoellenlisa


Audra and Dave setting up the schedule!







I don’t know what kinda voodoo trick Dave Cassamento (@davecassamento) did on the WiFi but I was still connected to EWWLN when I got to the “DeBriefing” session afterwards – three towns away! … EdCamp isn’t just about technology but let’s be honest, without the awesome internet connection, we’re just sitting around in tie-dye talking about “wait time”. THANK YOU David!! (Good luck with the teenagers playin’ Minecraft in the parking lot).

Danielle Gately’s (@dmgately) intro was brilliant. She captured the essence of EdCamp ‘s passion, purpose and informality. And my girl was rockin’ the EdCampLI tee shirt!!!dondanielle edcamp

There were only 4 session slots but I swear Chris Kauter (@ChrisKauter) did 5 sessions… I learned how to use Google to make cold brewed Espresso at one of his sessions after lunch.

Bonnie McClelland (@BMcClelland24) took about three thousand photos, if you’re missing your retainer or your car keys, check her twitter feed… I’m sure you’ll find them someplace.bonnie


Joe Wiener’s (@JMWiener)  EdCamp 101 sessions were essential. I saw more than a few people leave the Petit Café and toss their handouts and PowerPoint slides into the trash after his orientation.

gwenfurthestjoellentomTony Sinanis (@TonySinanis) crushed Smackdown… it’s not just about Tom Whitby but everything’s better with Tom Whitby!!.

Audra Beberman invented the internet.

Diane Iliw (@Bookworm_53) was a sign-in warrior. AND she cleaned up hundreds of leftover tuna wraps. I think she’s still at a table trying to register some teachers from Speonk.

Andy Greene (@andyrgreene) was disappointed that he didn’t get use his Coleman stove and Leatherman Tool at Ed “camp” but his session on Essential Questions for Leaders was the highlight of the day for me!

Steve Kimmel wcustodiansas on top of EVERY detail at Willets Road! Chris and Cesar were incredible. It is obvious that Steve’s leadership touches every member of the staff at Willets Road.



Dan McCabe (@danieldmccabe) was the tallest person at EdCampLI (after Hank left). Looking forward to his voice as a moderator on our own NY Twitter Chat. At this point I’m ready to quit my day job and do #NYEdChat 6 days a week.  It’s good to have some really tall people associated  with EdCamp in case you need to reach things on the top shelf.


Check out the EdCamp LI Website to see highlights from the day (Audra… again!).  I have never been associated with such a dedicated, selfless and passionate group of people. It is a privilege to work with all of them.  My advice to others planning an EdCamp — do it with these people!!

It’s going to be so much fun to plan EdCampLI 2015.  See you then!

Save the date: First Planning Meeting November 14 Location TBD


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