My COVID-19 Diary: On the boardwalk

Even though you’re quarantined, you can leave your house, go outside to get some air and exercise, as long as you remain about 6 feet away from other people.

We are fortunate to live about a mile and a half from the ocean so we took a walk on the boardwalk the other day just to get out and move around.   The boardwalk at Long Beach was pretty crowded but it was my perception that people maintained social distance. In fact, as my wife Danielle remarked, people seemed afraid to even make eye contact. 

imagesPeople were staring at us and I couldn’t figure out why for a while, then I realized, Danielle and I were holding hands.  Ugh. We stopped. I saw a piece on TV that said you could hold hands with a person you’ve been isolated with, but I couldn’t withstand the disapproving looks from my socially distant neighbors.   

Conversations overheard on the boardwalk:

I  don’t want to get this, but I’ve never felt so rested, I definitely need to sleep more in real life. 

No, I swear, she told me, all exams are canceled, Regents, AP’s, vocabulary quizzes…  everything. [Not true, AP’s not canceled yet.] 

You found eggplant? How about toilet paper, do they have toilet paper yet?

This feels so weird.  Usually, when I’m down here during an emergency, it’s after a hurricane and the surf is totally lit. What’s up with the waves?

Hey Don! [Brendan, my colleague, running.  I said “Hi” back. He didn’t hear me, headphones.] 

You guys walk too fast! (My daughter)

So, what are you doing to get outside? The boardwalk is definitely a great place to go for a walk, a run, a bike ride, to get some air and overhear conversations. Hope I see you there. Just don’t touch me (just kidding; well, maybe not kidding).

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