My COVID-19 Diary: Wednesday un-Focused

This week I’m going to offer random thoughts on a Wednesday.  I remain very much unfocused but we’re closing “virtual school”  for four days so, maybe I’ll be more focused after that.

I wonder how many kids in New York over the next two months are going to be named “Jacob” because they were born at the Javits Convention Center.  Maybe it’ll still be a hospital during the Car Show in August, you can have your baby next to the 2021 model Corvette Convertible. 

My son is a senior. The other day he told my wife, “I think my high school graduation is going to be on Roblox. I’m building my avatar.”

Is there some setting that you can use for YouTube videos so that the face that gets frozen on the thumbnail doesn’t look like you just took a bite of a peanut butter sandwich. I posted a video using the app Sway.  My pose in the thumbnail looks like I am every 1990’s hardcore rapper doing their signature dance move.  

I’m completely running out of Jericho Spiritwear to don for the morning announcements and video chats. I’m hoping my PTA can partner with Amazon to start delivering T-shirts and sweatshirts to our house.  The other day I wore a Diversity Day T-shirt from 2004. Although my wife hates that I never throw away a T-shirt, it’s actually coming in handy.

I missed the CDC recommendation to wear a mask and couldn’t figure out why everyone in Stop and Shop was recoiling from me as if they’d seen my (unmasked) face in a picture on the wall at the post office (miss one press conference and look what happens…). 

There is a science experiment going on in middle school lockers all over our country right now. What happens when ______  ( insert name of food item here ) is left to decay at room temperature in a narrow metal box for three months. Maybe something that grows in there will prove to be a cure for the coronavirus.

550131_10150714993147976_1762172115_n88961037_10221297511890013_5156599501502283776_n87850153_10157863684372976_3739485818260029440_nHave you developed an even more profound appreciation for Facebook memories?  It’s wonderful to be reminded of what life was like before this. Then the anxiety hits,  “I cannot believe how close we stood to each other at my parents’ anniversary party… There are people hugging in pictures at my daughter’s communion party. What the heck were we thinking?!”  

I have other unfocused random thoughts but, I know you need to go wash your hands.

Miss you so much, stay well, please don’t touch me….   🙂


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2 Responses to My COVID-19 Diary: Wednesday un-Focused

  1. Joy Wright says:

    Thank you for these random thoughts. I needed the belly laughs.

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