My COVID-19 Diary: A routine on a Sunday?

One of my favorite sections of the Sunday paper and I suspect yours also, is the Sunday Routine. This is an every week installment that features some individual who lives in the five boroughs, but usually, Manhattan, describing their routine on a Sunday. This section has spotlighted New Yorkers from every walk of life, from the rich and famous to the poorest and quirkiest. Here’s a shortlist of some of my favorite celebrities they have featured: Robert De Niro, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, John Mullaney, Marla Maples, Ty Jones, Neil Patrick Harris, Spike Lee, and Derek Jeter.

But lately, the Routine has skewed to essential workers, the heroes of COVID-19: 

How a Nurse Who Gives Last Rites Spends His Sundays

How an Edible Arrangements Delivery Worker Spends Her Sundays

How a Food Bank Manager Spends His Sundays

How a Triage Nurse Spends Her Sundays

My mom’s brother, Uncle Charlie, worked in Key Food.  My mom venerated him. As a ‘snot-nosed’ kid, I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. But if only he was around today, maybe they’d feature him in The Times on a Sunday, “How grocery clerk, Uncle Charlie, spends his Sundays”. Say what you want,  I for one am extremely grateful that grocery workers are having their moment.

More on this tomorrow… meanwhile, wash your hands.



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