My COVID Diary: Friday un-Focused

I have a friend / principal colleague who every Friday posts bulletins for her staff entitled: “Friday Focus”. Well, it’s Friday, but I’m anything but focused, so I thought I might just post some random thoughts: 

On the Peloton, the coach sometimes stops riding and just sits there encouraging you to give it your all, “Hey, you might not be able to see me, but I can see you!  If I’m going to sweat and raise my heartbeat 10 times its normal rhythm (is this even safe?), the least you could do is continue riding.” I know sometimes my high school PE teachers took a knee by my period 8 class, but they had already demonstrated the chest pass to five different classes by that time.  C’mon guys, keep pedaling.  

I can’t believe how fast the day goes when you work from home. Eight Google Hangouts, five memos, seven long phone conversations, 78 returned emails, a bike ride to the grocery store, an Andrew Cuomo press conference, dinner and it’s time for bed. And I’ve never been so exhausted in my life.   Repeat again tomorrow.

When Chad and I do the Pledge of Allegiance every day in the morning announcements, I hold up a small American flag. Do the kids have an American flag in their house to pledge? I wonder if Costco is running out of small American flags, along with toilet paper.  

I’ve seen mysePolar_Bear_-_Alaska_(cropped)lf on video too many times over the past week. Gosh, I touch my face a lot.  Maybe it’s safe for me to do that because I never leave the house and when I do it’s only for a very brief amount of time for an essential task like going to the grocery store and when I return home I wash my hands like a heart surgeon. But still, it’s like that exercise where they tell you not to think about white bears, and all you can think about is white bears. Don!! Stop touching your face.

In the absence of live sports, one of the best sports to watch in repeats is boxing.  I can’t remember who won. They have so many rematches; how could you know which is the one that Frazier won and which fight Ali won.  

Walking on the boardwalk at Long Beach with my family the other day. Saw a group of almost 25 people near the ocean, everyone seated in beach chairs in a circle, about 6 feet away from each other:

Juliet: What are they doing?

Danielle: I don’t know, I’m not sure they should be sitting together like that.

Me: I think it’s an AA meeting.

Danielle: I don’t think so.

Woman in the circle: Hi I am _____, I’m an alcoholic.

Everyone in the circle: Hi _____.

Me: God bless. Juliet, don’t stare. Let’s walk.  🙂

90267596_10157938301307976_8025673397948121088_n (2)

Nicholas’s grad pic arrived in the mail.  Handsome! That’s never gonna fit in my wallet.

Stay well, everybody.  Miss you. Have a weekend… wash your hands… please don’t touch me.

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