My COVID-19 Diary: Friday un-Focused #2

Another Friday, still not particularly focused, so I’m going to share some random thoughts:

Have you noticed that everyone in your house gets hungry at the same time? If someone gets up to look in the refrigerator for leftovers, and you see this, you’ve got to get in there and start eating.  And don’t tell me if you have kids you don’t sometimes contemplate which one you would eat first if you run out of food.

Is there a reason why Good Will Hunting is always on cable, 24 hours a day? And, is there a reason why,  if I happen to see it, I have to watch it until it’s over, no matter what I was doing before I noticed it? That’s not helping anybody!  (BTW, Ben Affleck is Casey Affleck’s brother.) 

My daughter’s idea: people can leave the house and go wherever they want but they have to always be riding a bicycle. If you get closer than 6 feet you’ll probably crash, so it’s mostly safe. I told her I would inform the governor.

My new approach to the routine for working at home; it’s just like being at work, except you don’t have to wear pants. Also, I find that I need to be wearing some kind of Jericho apparel at all times because I never know when I might be called into a Livestream or a Google Meet.

My decision to join the “Home Haircut Club” back in November is not looking so strange now is it?  Come on, lots of handsome guys are Baldy’s.  Michael Jordan. Um… lots of guys. Give me a minute.  I’ll think of some more. I told you I’m not focused.

Does your Calendar keep giving you alerts about events that aren’t happening because of COVID-19?  Absent these circumstances, our school was going to have a Family Bowling Night on Tuesday. Right now,  the thought of 150 people sharing shoes and bowling balls is the most horrifying image I could possibly conjure (it’s replaced the previous most horrifying image which was the clown from that Stephen King book. At least, for the most part,  he was observing social distancing norms).

I could go on but I know you need to wash your hands. 

Stay well, miss you, love you, please don’t touch me.


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Middle School Principal Jericho, NY
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3 Responses to My COVID-19 Diary: Friday un-Focused #2

  1. Bettina Fuchs Margolin says:

    Don! How about some new acronyms? Remember “FNG” when you were the new guy at the office? Now there’s “FFT” when you’re the first timer with distance technology. 🙂

    Bettina Fuchs Margolin


  2. Bettina Fuchs Margolin says:

    Also my nephew’s: U-DIP. It means, “unidentified drink in pitcher“ – – as in, “please pass the UDIP“. It’s for families who use rotating powdered drink mix.

    Bettina Fuchs Margolin


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